The Correct Part for The Application:

We carry the correct, reliable O.E.M. parts for all the equipment we sell and service. If you need parts for your machine, look no further than Luke's Mower. With a huge parts inventory on site, it's most likely that we have the part you need right here. If we do have to order in for you, we can have it quickly.

For fastest service, supply us with the part number you require.

If you don't have the part number, supply us with the correct model, type, code and/or spec numbers, so we can provide exactly what you need.

We also carry or can obtain parts for the following manufacturers:

BRIGGS & STRATTON Engines - TECUMSEH Engines - KOHLER Engines - KAWASAKI Engines - HONDA Engines (certain models) - LCT Engines - MTD Products - MURRAY Products

We also have a supply of obsolete parts for several makes and models, so check with us, we may have that elusive part you've been searching for!

When requesting parts it is very important that you make note of the following. Quoting the actual part number is quickest, but if you don't have it:

FOR EQUIPMENT PARTS: You will require the MANUFACTURER, MODEL and SERIAL NUMBER from the chasis or deck of the machine. 

FOR ENGINE PARTS : You will need the MANUFACTURER, MODEL, TYPE and CODE or SPEC number from the engine. *These numbers will be on a sticker on the side of the engine, or engraved into the block, plate or even overhead valve cover depending on the manufacturer. They may not be easy to locate but be persistant!