Frequently Asked Questions

Q. When is the best time to bring in my lawnmower for seasonal service?

The best time to bring it to us is late February / early March to avoid the "spring rush".


Q. When is the best time to bring in my snowblower for seasonal service?

Be proactive! Bring your snowblower to us any time after the first week of September so it will be ready for operation well before the snow flies, and you'll avoid a last-minute panic.


Q. Do you have any used equipment for sale?

Yes, we sometimes have previously owned fully serviced or demo equipment for sale. Call us to check if we have what you're looking for.


Q. I bought my machine at a big box or mass merchant store. Will you service it?

We service most makes and models, but please contact us first to check if it is one of the brands we don't deal with. Some machines are difficult to get parts for, or are not economical to repair.


Q. What gasoline is best for my small engine?

Ethanol-Free gasoline is what we recommend, as the ethanol additive has a detrimental effect over time on small engines. Currently in our area, Shell 'V-Power' high-end gasoline and some Canadian Tire Premium gasoline is the only ethanol-free variety available. Check the pumps to be sure. Avoid ethanol if you can.


Q. I have gas left over from last season. Is it still useable?

Gasoline begins to go stale in three to four months. Buy fresh fuel and keep the lid on the gas can. Add fuel stabilizer when you buy it and this will help keep it fresher, longer - but still buy fresh fuel at the start of each season.