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Mowers for the Homeowner - Luke's Mower Has Quality

With your dream home comes a lawn that you just can't stop thinking about at least once a week every summer! When you do think of your lawn, we recommend you also think of Lawn-Boy or Toro from Luke's Mower.

Either of these two brands will ensure a top-quality product that you'll have for years to come. Sure, there are cheaper products out there, from "big box" retailers who claim to carry everything, but in the end you must ask yourself, "Do I want a quality machine that will last me ten to twenty years, or one that will be finished after two or three seasons?"

Several of our customers who opted for quality still operate mowers they bought from Luke in the 1970's!

Both Lawn-Boy and Toro make a mower that will suit your mowing situation and budget. Backed by full warranties from 2 to 5 years, depending on the model, these machines will give you years of excellent service and hassle-free starting.

Both manufacturers produce models with light, long-lasting cast aluminum decks or a durable steel deck. Depending on the model, these units are powered by Briggs & Stratton, Honda or Kohler engines ranging from 6 to 7 "Gross Torque". For those that would prefer non-gasoline powered, we also carry the Toro E-cycler battery powered electric mower, the best on the market.

Whether you want a standard push model, self-propelled, or self-propelled key-electric start, we have the machine for you.

To help you with your choices as to which make and model is best for you, check out the model specifications by clicking TORO or LAWN-BOY. When you've previewed these, come and see us so that we can get you up and cutting!

For those who like to ride rather than walk, come and see us about the GRAVELY 'ZT' series of "Zero-Turn" residential riders.

Cut grass fast - just like the pros - Put the joy back into cutting! These machines are the most nimble available and will get the job done in a fraction of the time of a standard "garden tractor".

If you are interested in a quality four-wheel garden tractor, we carry the CUB CADET Series 2100. Solid performance for a reasonable price. Ask us about this line of tractors.

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