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Leasing to Own - A Viable Choice

If you need equipment but for whatever reason don't want to pay for it all up front - leasing is a perfect option. Don't turn down a job just because you don't have funds at the ready to purchase a new machine.

We can help you obtain the equipment you want while you just pay a manageable monthly fee for the term that is right for you. Whether it's a 24 month, 36 month or 48 month term you'd prefer, we can make it happen.

For any machine or equipment $3,000 and greater, leasing is available. If you want to add to an existing lease, you can do that as well.

We use third-party leasing companies that are ready to work with you in financing the equipment you need.

If you already have dealings with a leasing company of your own choice, we can work with them also.

Since the lease payments are tax deductable, leasing may be the right choice for your business.

Contact us today - you could receive immediate approval and be operating that new machine in no time. 



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